'valuedescripcion' is clipped, its content may not be fully visible 追蹤

Julitus Albertico

I am sending to print a file that has 16 records, each one in a label, but only the first one is printed with the description of the field, it generates the following error

 'valuedescripcion' is clipped, its content may not be fully visible.


I am migrating from 2016 to 2021, and the printing is not working correctly.



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Cameron M.
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Hello Julitus,

Pete Thane, one of our power users posted an answer to this question in another post. It is as follows:

"It means one of two things could be happening

  1. that text field is not fitting fully on the label. It could be it prints okay as just the edge of the text "box" is off the label or else you could get some truncated data.
  2. The data itself is too long for the text field and part of it is off the side/to/bottom of the label.

For either of these adjusting the position of the text field or changing the justification of the field may fix it. However, if the data is too long then you may want to look at using the auto-sizing features by which you set the area that the data will print in and BarTender will shrink the font to make sure the text fits in that area. Check out the AutoFit options in the Properties of the text field (see image below).

I hope this helps"