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I have a program that prints a 2D barcode on a document in any one of a number of types. The barcode contains multiple pieces of data including an order number, item number and quantity all separated by the GS character (ASCII 29). I'd like to be able to scan this into a form's input box control but don't believe that when I do this that it is capturing the non printable GS character.

Is there a way to allow these controls to accept escape characters?

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Xabier Clemente
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Hi Mike!

Thank you for posting on our Community Forums.

Regarding your issue, have you tried scanning those GS characters outside BarTender? For example, we could test scanning them into a Notepad file. If the issue persists when scanning these characters into a Notepad file, it could be that the scanner itself is not configured correctly to interpret them, in that case, the scanner manufacturer should be able to provide support for this issue.

If scanning into a Notepad file works, feel free to reach us again.