Serial Number is restarting by itself printing using a 3rd party program 追蹤



I'm trying to apply a serialization printing through Label Wizard, and it goes fine when I indicate the number of the copies

SN 300001
15 copies
SE 300016

But when I try to print again, the Serialization was restarted 😥

I have investigated a little and there are 2 possible options,
Using the Global Data and the VB, if both are the solutions, need help to know how to apply them 
or to know if is there more possible options.

I appreciate your support Thank you!

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Peter Thane
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Not a clue for that software. 

With BarTender it will retain the last number used unless the label is closed and not saved in which case it will revert to the last saved state when opened next. Print Station will automatically save a serialised label and you can tweak BarTender (Designer) itself to do the same by adjusting message 1625 defaults.