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Edgar Villanueva


I am new to Bartender,  I am using a Data Matrix label that has ^, # and other alike characters, every time I try to print I get asked if I want to strip the characters,

this is the error I get


Data Matrix

One or more characters in a received string do not
satisfy the requirements specified in the "Character Filter" dialog

original data: "^"
new data: ""


Is there a way to have a string like this «GS»^#04^«GS»




edgar V

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Xabier Clemente
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Hello Edgar,

Welcome to the BarTender Community Forums!

We have deleted your Product Key Code from your original message for your safety. Please, do keep in mind this is an open forum visible to others, and posting personal information or Product Key Codes is not advised.

Regarding your issue, this warning appears when the value does not satisfy the condition you set within the Transforms > Character Filter setting. To access this tab please right-click on the Data Matrix and select "Properties", then navigate to the "Data Sources" subsection:


Could you check the Character Filter setting within Transforms to see if we have set any conditions there which could be causing this warning message to pop up?

Also, if you create a new label and create a new Data Matrix with the same characters, do you experience the same issue?

Thank you in advance.