How to get user input on CAB Squix printer LCD? 追蹤


I recently purchased a CAB Squix2/300 printer. The CAB S3 label software has a nice feature where you can save the label to the printer memory and then recall it on the LCD. I have my template setup to request a single user input, which they scan in using a barcode scanner (I'm reprinting some info from another barcoded label). However, I really don't like the S3 software and would much rather use BarTender. So is there a way to setup a BarTender template to be able to get user input from the Squix LCD interface? What format would I need to save the BarTender template in so that the Squix printer could read it? (ZPL?)

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Peter Thane
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You need to look at using the Printer Code Template option.

It has been a while since I have configured a stand alone CAB application and I seem to recall the output file needs some form of save file as XXX name type command at the start of and so you will probably need to configure the settings for these as  do not think the CAB settings are available as default