Licence stopped working 追蹤

Ian Mortenson

We had been using BarTender Designer 2016 R9 with a automation 3 printer licence with no issues upto late last week when it suddenly stopped working and requested we activate our licence
When we try and activate our licence we are told a previous licence must be deactivated.

The deactivation is not available in the Help menu

When we try the direct link to the deactivation page in a web browser we are told the licence key we are entering is invalid.  We have tried entered the key in with and with out the - symbols with no luck

We have a automation 10 printer licences we need to activate but can not do this until the current licence is deactivated.

Please advise how we deactivate the licence bartender think is still active?

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Xabier Clemente
評論操作 永久連結

Hi Ian!

Welcome to the BarTender Community!

Issues related to BarTender Licensing and Activations such as these will need to go through our regular support channels. If you have a Maintenance & Support agreement active with us, then you can reach us via web-form, chat, or phone. If not, we still have some regular support channels available to you.

In order to access support, go to our Get Support page and enter your Support Number, this will automatically check your support status and provide you with links to your available lines of support. Also, please be sure to have your BarTender Support Number with you ready when you reach us as our technicians will have to check on your license and see what the status is from our side.

Let us know how it went!