Can I import a designed PDF file into Bartender? Then edit and print as a PDF? 追蹤


I have a few dozen food labels created in Adobe Illustrator and saved as Adobe PDF files.

Because it's food and has an expiration date, we have to edit the pdf and enter the expiration date at runtime.  I understand that BarTender can automate this task.

Here are my questions:

-Can I import my labels into Bartender and print them as PDFs?  My printer will not print all colors (including white) correctly unless the file sent to it is a PDF.

-Once I import my PDF into BarTender, can I add areas for the variable data like expiration date?






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Peter Thane
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As long as you are not using a very old version of BarTender then you can import PDFs as graphics. You cannot edit the PDF within BarTender but if the dates were left blank on the PDF then you could add a text field onto the label to handle this. 

The only issue with exporting/printing to PDF from BarTender is that every 2000 labels would count as a printer licence slot with this count resetting on a rolling 7 day basis.