Is my setup as lean as possible? 追蹤


So, I have metal stored out in the yard. The day starts with a cut list handed out to workers, say, CL001. The cut list has barcodes for jobs which are specific to barcoded metal in the yard. The material barcode list is given to the material handler, and the job list to the operators. The material handler will go out into the yard and pull the material, say, RM001, and scan it into the machine it is being used for. The operator of the machine will cut the parts associated with that cut list and when complete will scan out the cut list, CL001 with the RM001 and its new dimensions, thus completing the job and updating dimensions. The material is then set aside, and taken back out into the yard to be scanned into a new (or the same) location. The whole process of either printing the cut lists out with bar codes or having them available on iPads and either physically typing them in or scanning them seems slow. The batteries run out, the guns are misplaced, it takes time to pull up the cut list, find the bar code, etc. Is this the only way? Is it just poor management with a lack of standard work? It is what works and it is not really a broken system, but it just seems like, if I have a database of all the material types and RM numbers associated with each one in each type, couldn't this be more like a BestBuy model, where the operators use a cellphone-like device on a modern app where it's already populated, and the associated RM for a cut list, say, I have 5 different 1" plates all the same grade and dimensions, but I don't know which one of the five was taken by the material handler, the app could show for each cut list with it's associated possible list of material barcode options (the five in the database), and then when the operator is done he just picks from a drop down menu (or types the last two/three digits with an autofill search for only the RM's that it could be) for which one it was that he/she used, enter in the dimensions with a modern inch/foot roller widget to select, and be done with it. If there is an issue with scanning or material, ear mark and send to management with a brief message all in the same app. The thing I'm trying to get at is there seems to be a cumulatively significant loss in speed from transferring from one species of work to another, if everything is on the device and it's intuitive and easy and tailored to the job, there is no room for error or confusion.