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I am trying to solve a problem. The label design uses a custom sql query to pull order information (i.e. items on the order) from our ERP system, we are using a form to present each item, from the query, to the user with a # of copies input box. The form prompts the user, once for each item, to enter # of labels to print.

The problem: when printed only the first "# of labels" is used for all items.

For Example:

  • Item 1 - 2 copies
  • Item 2 - 3 copies
  • Item 3 - 5 copies

Total labels printed should be 10 but actual labels printed 6 (2 copies of each).

So far I have tried installing the latest ZDesigner print driver thinking it was getting lost in translation somewhere but this made no difference.

We're using BarTender 2021 R7

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Pete Thane
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My guess it will be an issue with the Data Entry Form setup. the settings on the screenshot below work with the entry box  linked to the "Copies" item 


There is also a note in the 2021 R8 release notes about a bug fix that could be relevant and so maybe worth updating to that version and retesting 

  • Fixed an issue where the performance option "Allow Serialization" would cause BarTender to print the incorrect number of serialized labels if the label was connected to a database


Matt Kinne
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Hi Pete,

Thanks for your response. I did discover I was using a text input box vs your screenshot shows a number input box. I've changed it to a number input box and my initial tests looks good.

I will test with the user and respond back here.

Here is my setup