Using Data from Query Prompts twice 追蹤




I'm using a Query prompt to receive a barcode. I'd like to use part of this scan to select a record and part to set other information on the label that is stored in the barcode.

i.e the first part of the barcode is a product number which i need to use as a record select to pull other information from my database. The second part of the barcode is a date that i need to display as a date on the label.

I can get it to work using 2 queries but this means i have to scan the barcode twice is there anyway i can link 2 fields to the Query or do this another way? The only other way i can think of doing it is using SQL to select the record from the database that matches:

SELECT `desc` FROM `Products$` WHERE `bcode` = '?UPC1' -?UPC1 is the named field in the label that has the reference value to link to the database.