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hello all.
in the company I work we print serialized product.

we are using bartender 2016 edition (automation)

sometimes when we make a product not all are going to packaging and we use different product name for it.
so the issue I am facing is i for example want to print 40 labels with serialized from 1-40 but don't print for example 27,35,7 etc.

I wonder if there is an option to do so without changing the database (using excel) and of course do it easily that every worker can manage without too much support.

maybe use another column on excel to tell bartender what serials not to print?.


thank you all for helping.


Erez Dagan

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Pete Thane
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There maybe another way but one option would be to create a second copy of your label format and , as it sounds like you are using a database I am assuming that is for the product selection, then amend 

  • All the manual entry fields to "update default reply" I believe the tick box/option is in 2016 so that the label remembers all your chosen entries for next time
  • File>Print>Options and use the Repeat until cancelled tick box (or could be called Automatically print again as the wording changed at some point) 
  • Link the serial number field to an entry field on a Data Entry Form and ask the operator to enter the starting serial number in the run 
  • Link the number of serial number labels to another Data Entry Form input box that is set to ask the users how many labels in this sequence.
  • If you have a field on the label that shows the total number of labels, such as the 40 in a 1 of 40, then make this field a manual entry (and not linked to your number of labels which I assume it is at the moment) and ask the user to enter this value too (ending serial number). 

At print time the user would enter all the usual information as before but, for your example above would

  1. Enter the ending serial number (eg the 40),
  2. Starting number in run ie, 1 in first run
  3. The number of labels in the run ie 6 so as to be skip number 7

Once the labels were printed the entry form would appear again and in this instance

  1. The users would tab over the 40
  2. Type 8 for the starting number
  3. Enter 19 for the number in the sequence so BT prints 8 to 26 

and then this would repeat until the user clicks on the cancel button at the bottom of the entry screen.